DBus World is now in Open Beta version. Keep in mind that this project is still work in progress (WIP). We apologize for any mistakes/bugs. Design and functions can be changed in future.

What is DBus World?

DBus World is an extensive modification, bringing complex bus simulation into Euro Truck Simulator 2

How does it work?

You simply download our client and it will display all the needed informations in the game

Solaris in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Thank you!

This would not be possible without our patrons:

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"Create a new Virtual Transport Company"

After you register, you can create your own virtual transport company, hire new drivers, see them on the map, check their statistics and manage their finances.

"Join existing virtual transport company"

Or you can join an already existing virtual transport company. You will receive a pay based on your performance, can share pictures of your travels and compare statistics with your friends.

I want to know more!

Our documentation will guide you through all the needed steps. Please keep in mind that, as an evolving project, there might be some informations missing. Also, at this time the documentation is only available in Czech language. English translation will be provided later.